Introducing Christian Action

We are on a mission and our mission is to serve those who are disadvantaged, marginalized, displaced or abandoned. It's about taking genuine Christian action: a holistic blend of love, mercy, justice, advocacy, nurturing and training.

Serving "The least..." with Our Very Best!

Christian Action believes that every person is precious in God's sight and worthy of our commitment to excellence. We're passionate about following the example of Jesus Christ who came to serve all people, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or religion. Our aim is to serve "the least of these..." We want to see the poor, outcast, abused and disabled live meaningful and productive lives. We're saving, educating, assisting and empowering people with the goal of helping them live lives of hope, dignity and self-reliance. It means helping them be engaged in, and embraced by their families and communities.

Hands On, Hands Dirty and Love Motivated!

Through the years Christian Action has aggressively tackled some of the most challenging human conditions. One leader has said that Christian Action is a "hands on, hands dirty, and love motivated operation!" Following are some of the CA distinctives which motivate and energize us:

Partnering Priority

Christian Action is intentional and tenacious about supporting, collaborating and partnering with the local government, NGO's, and other like-minded organizations and businesses in the areas we serve.

Sustainable Programs

Christian Action is developing strategies and programs which will provide sustainable services and funding along the way. We will continue to seek innovative and creative ways of serving those in need.


We strive to maintain the utmost in fiscal responsibility and integrity. Financial audits are available upon request.

"Will You Join Us?"

"Our goal is to encourage, equip and empower children, youth and adults - regardless of their circumstances or limitations - to live healthy, hope-filled and purposeful lives, within supportive families and communities. Our calling is to reach and care for those who are alone and without hope. We are serving them so that societal transformation will take place one precious life at a time. We warmly invite you to join us!"

Mrs. Cheung-Ang Siew Mei
Executive Director, Christian Action

How You Can Help:

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