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Farewell Party for Xiao-qun and Ming-ming

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At the beginning of 2013, Christian Action arranged for Ming Ming and Xiao-qun from our children’s home in Qinghai to come to Hong Kong for orthopedic surgery. During their stay in Hong Kong, several families were willing to voluntarily undertake their foster care. The foster parents looked after these two vulnerable children meticulously, which not only helped in their recovery but also enabled them to feel the warmth of a family.

After the surgeries, the two children had to return to Xining Children’s Home in mid May, Christian Action held a farewell party for them on 11 May 2013. Our Executive Director, Mrs. Cheung-Ang Siew Mei JP, expressed her gratitude for the support and the unconditional love from these foster families, and mentioned that our organization would continue our children’s welfare work in remote Qinghai by adhering to the mission “Give them a home in Qinghai”.

Mrs. Lee, Ming-ming’s foster mother expressed at the farewell party that their family has set up a foundation for Ming-ming, in order to subsidize her medical and educational expenses in the future.


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