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“Love Unlimited” Charity Concert

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We had the privilege to be the beneficiary of “Love Unlimited” Charity Concert at the Hong Kong City Hall on 23 April 2013 organized by SAR Philharmonic Orchestra. Nearly a thousand of participants came to support.

We were honored to have invited Ms Julee Bees, a renowned pianist all the way from the USA as well as four talented soloists from Hong Kong! Julie Bees performed the Piano Concerto No. 2 in G minor amazingly and the 4 soloists sang the Requiem which was written by a well-known opera composer beautifully. Their brilliant performances won the unstoppable applaud by the audiences.

The aim of this concert was to bless the public through the inspiring message contained in the music. This concert has also given an opportunity to the unprivileged to appreciate music.

We again, would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the SAR Philharmonic Orchestra for their dedication in organizing this charity concert, and also to those performers for their time and efforts being invested.


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