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The 2nd Three-legged Charity Walk

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Our 2nd Three-legged Charity Walk on 13 April 2013 was a resounding success when over 850 people and 75 volunteers turned up to participate!

The three children from our children’s home in Qinghai who were arranged for surgeries in Hong Kong at the beginning of this year also came to the venue to cheer on the participants and donors. We were honoured when Linda Ma, the director of Citywide Renewal Hong Kong lead us in an opening prayer, at the same time praying for orphans in Qinghai, the direct beneficiaries of this event. Carrie Chau, the renowned Hong Kong illustrator, presented us with a drawing she and Ji, (a boy from Xining Children’s Home) had sketched, earlier this year.

This year we included three-legged races over and above the main event. One hundred and fifty people took part, and each child was given a gold medal for their efforts.

We raised over HK$500,000 to support the children living in five of our homes in Qinghai Province. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to The Clear Water Bay Golf & Country Club for their support, the 75 volunteers who helped out on the day, and all corporate and individual sponsors and donors. Besides giving Qinghai orphans hope, this event has created wonderful memories!


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