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A Fun-Filled Barbeque Day – Mongkok Service Centre


A year ago Kenny Lau circumnavigated Taiwan on his bicycle to raise over HK$100 000 to support families at Christian Action’s Mong Kok Service Centre for New Arrivals.

Recently he roped a few friends into organizing a barbeque for our children on 24 August 2013. As most of their parents are single mothers, opportunities for fun days out are few and far between. Kenny and his friends used the opportunity to teach the kids one or two ‘survival skills’ – how to cook over an open fire, and how to care for nature while enjoying the outdoors.

For many of the children, this was the first barbeque they had ever attended. Having had their fill, the kids played a number of games, learning team work and mutual co-operation.

We certainly hope other volunteers will follow Kenny’s example and invest in the future and wellbeing of Hong Kong’s children, increasing their love and understanding of our city through providing access to similar activities.

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