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‘Kids Living Under the Same Sky’ Charity Luncheon


On 27 October 2013 Kwong Wah Group Holdings Limited sponsored a charity luncheon “Kids Living Under the Same Sky, Let’s Stride Toward a Brighter Future” at Hong Kong’s Royal Plaza Hotel. Fourteen children from Christian Action’s Mong Kok Service Centre for New Arrivals attended.

As part of the “Kids Living under the Same Sky” growth and development programme, the children enjoyed a buffet lunch, before performing a famous Mandarin Chinese song called ‘The Sun on the Cloud’. The song included actions which the audience found very entertaining.

Afterwards one of the secondary school students entertained the audience twisting balloons, a ‘skill’ he learnt through this programme.

One hundred percent of the evening’s proceeds were donated to Christian Action for children’s growth and development programmes. We offer afterschool childcare services to low- income families, providing a safe environment in which to study. Over 150 children will benefit from this project.

Kwong Wah Group also supports their extracurricular activities, in order to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the world. This programme will lay a good foundation for underprivileged children and help reduce intergenerational poverty.

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