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“Season of Love” Charity Drive 2015-16


The “Season of Love” Charity Drive, which ran from November 2015 until the end of February 2016, recently came to a very successful end. Our objective was to raise funds for orphans in Qinghai and children from low income families in Hong Kong.

To highlight our 30th anniversary milestone, we were honored to have Sanrio grant a license sponsorship to feature My Melody and Little Twin Stars with the “Travel Mug and Gummy Set”. We were also grateful to have U.C. (Asia) Services Ltd. as our logistics sponsor, helping us save on courier services to more than 600 locations.

Thanks to the generous support from various corporations, schools, housing estates and shopping centres, as well as our willing volunteers who put forth a lot of effort to make this campaign a success, Christian Action raised over HK$1 Million in support of disadvantaged children in Hong Kong and China!

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