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Technical Support Assistant (Ref: IT/16/100/CA)Hong Kong 香港Contract
活動助理 (兼職) (Ref: SED/PA/17003/CA)Hong Kong 香港Part Time
活動助理 (司機) (Ref: SED/PA/17/CA)Hong Kong 香港Contract
Communication Officer (Full-time or part-time)Hong Kong 香港Contract
Registered Social Worker - Ethnic Minorities Programmes (Non-subvented) (Ref: WSC/RSW/16131/CA)Hong Kong 香港Contract
註冊社工 - 事工網絡及統籌隊 (非資助職位) (Ref: SMM/RSW/16133/CA)Hong Kong 香港Contract
Senior Officer, Public Administration Department (Ref : PAD/15/092/CA)Hong Kong 香港Contract
文員(兼職) - 市場拓展及聯絡部 (Ref: TSML/16/130/CA)Hong Kong 香港Part Time
兼職導師 – 電腦 (編號:TSVT/16/PTI/C/CA)Hong Kong 香港Part Time
Senior Manager (RSW) - Social Services Department (Non-subvented) (Ref: SSD/SM/16059/CA)Hong Kong 香港Contract
個案工作員 - 自力更生綜合就業援助計劃 (非資助職位) (Ref: IEA/CW/16119121/CA)Hong Kong 香港Contract
Community Worker - Ethnic Minorities Programmes (Non-subvented) (Ref: TMC/CW/16060/CA)Hong Kong 香港Contract
Senior Social Worker (Part-time) (Ref: HSHK/16091/SW/CA)Hong Kong 香港Part Time
籌募助理 (Ref:CDD/16/010/CA)Hong Kong 香港Contract
Officer – System Development (Ref: IT/15/076/CA)Hong Kong 香港Contract
Part-time Primary Homework Tutor (兼職小學課後功課班導師)(Ref: MKC/PHT/16/CA)Hong Kong 香港Part Time
Part-time Primary Interest Class Tutor (兼職小學課後興趣班導師)(Ref: MKC/ICT/16/CA)Hong Kong 香港Part Time
Part-time Primary Outing Tutor (兼職小學戶外活動導師)(Ref: MKC/POT/16/CA)Hong Kong 香港Part Time
Part-time Secondary Homework Tutorial Class (兼職中學課後功課班導師) (Ref: MKC/HTC/16/CA)Hong Kong 香港Part Time
店舖助理 (全職/兼職) (編號: SED/PA/16123/CA)Hong Kong 香港Contract

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