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Assistant Officer – Administration 助理幹事 - 行政Hong Kong 香港Contract
Assistant Officer/Officer - Corporate Communications 助理主任/主任 - 企業傳播Hong Kong 香港Contract
Caseworker - Social Services(IEAPS)(Non-subvented) 個案工作員-社會服務(自力更生綜合就業援助計劃)(非資助職位)Hong Kong 香港Contract
Clerk - Course Administration 文員 - 課程行政部Hong Kong 香港Contract
Clerk – Social Enterprise 文員–社會企業部Hong Kong 香港Contract
Floral Ambassador (Full- time/ Part- time) 花店助理 (全職/兼職)Hong Kong 香港Contract
Fundraiser (Full- time/ Part- time) 籌募助理 (全職/兼職)Hong Kong 香港Contract
Logistics Assistant/ Senior Logistics Assistant (Based in Choi Hung) 後勤助理/ 高級後勤助理 (彩虹)Hong Kong 香港Contract
Officer – Corporate Development 主任 - 企業發展Hong Kong 香港Contract
Officer – Social Enterprise 主任 –社會企業Hong Kong 香港Contract
Officer, Corporate Communications (Full/ Part time English Copywriting & Project Co-ordination) 英文文案及工程統籌主任(全職/兼職)- 企業傳播Hong Kong 香港Contract
Programme Assistant (Full- time/ Part- time) 倉務助理(全職/兼職)Hong Kong 香港Contract
Programme Assistant(Part-time)(Non-subvented) 活動助理(兼職)(非資助職位)Hong Kong 香港Contract
Senior Clerk – Marketing & Liaison 高級文員 - 市場拓展及聯絡部Hong Kong 香港Contract
Senior Clerk/Assistant Officer – Administration 高級文員/助理幹事 - 行政Hong Kong 香港Contract
Senior Officer – Corporate Communications (Event & Production) 高級主任 - 企業傳播(活動及製作)Hong Kong 香港Contract
Social Worker - Social Services(IEAPS)(Non-subvented) 社工-社會服務(自力更生綜合就業援助計劃)(非資助職位)Hong Kong 香港Contract
Officer - Social Service (Stationed in Qinghai, PRC) 主任 – 社會服務 (駐國內青海省)Qinghai, PRC 中國青海省Contract
Officer – Special Needs and Rehabilitation (Stationed in Qinghai, PRC) 主任 – 特殊需求和康復 (駐國內青海省) Qinghai, PRC 中國青海省Contract

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