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兼職導師 - 咖啡調製 Hong Kong 香港Part Time
兼職導師 - 商業攝影Hong Kong 香港Part Time
兼職導師 - 小本創業(英語教學)Hong Kong 香港Part Time
兼職導師 - 旅遊Hong Kong 香港Part Time
兼職導師 - 會所及康樂Hong Kong 香港Part Time
兼職導師 - 非華語人士職業廣東話Hong Kong 香港Part Time
兼職導師 - 點心製作Hong Kong 香港Part Time
文員 - 課程行政部Hong Kong 香港Contract
Part-time Tutor (Ref:SSD/EM/PTT/CA)Hong Kong 香港Part Time
兼職導師 – 普通話 (編號: TSVT/15/PTI/P/CA)Hong Kong 香港Part Time
兼職導師 – 烹飪 (編號:TSVT/15/PTI/C/CA)Hong Kong 香港Part Time
兼職導師 – 護理 (編號: TSVA/15/PTI/H/CA)Hong Kong 香港Part Time
兼職推廣員 (編號:TSML/14/PTP/CA)Hong Kong 香港Part Time
Officer - Social Service (Stationed in Qinghai, PRC) (Ref: HSCN/SW/16/CA) Qinghai, PRC 中國青海省Contract
Officer - Speech Therapist (Stationed in Qinghai, PRC) (Ref: HSCN/ST/16/CA) Qinghai, PRC 中國青海省Contract
Officer – Administration & Communication (Stationed in Qinghai, PRC) (Ref: HSCN/ACO/16/CA) Qinghai, PRC 中國青海省Contract
Officer - Nursing (Stationed in Qinghai, PRC) (Ref: HSCN/RN/16/CA)Qinghai, PRC 中國青海省Contract
Senior Social Worker (Stationed in Qinghai, PRC) (Ref: HSCN/SSW/16/CA)Qinghai, PRC 中國青海省Contract
Officer - Occupational Therapy (Stationed in Qinghai, PRC) (Ref: HSCN/OT/16/CA) Qinghai, PRC 中國青海省Contract
Officer - Physiotherapy (Stationed in Qinghai, PRC) (Ref: HSCN/PT/16/CA) Qinghai, PRC 中國青海省Contract

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