We give thanks to the following businesses and organizations for actively supporting our services in Hong Kong and Mainland China:

Citibank Hong Kong partnered with Christian Action for the “Three Hearts, One Mind” campaign. For each successful Citibank Credit Card application processed through Christian Action’s webpage, Citibank makes a HK$200 donation to Christian Action in an ongoing basis.
In 2011, PrimeCredit Limited hosted the “Angels’ Walk”, to raise funds for Christian Action’s New Arrivals programme, amongst others. PrimeCredit has also created a campaign on Facebook, mentioning they will donate HK$1 for each “Like” through the event, which has helped to raise even more funds.
Hong Kong En-Ze Charity Foundation focuses on poverty alleviation and cares for vulnerable people. In 2012, they donated funds to Christian Action’s Emergency Food Bank supporting the new arrivals families.
In 2011, the Sincere Company Limited held a Charity sales day, donating 5% of the day’s sales turnover to Christian Action’s Children’s Homes in Qinghai. This helps to improve the living conditions and skills of the children, enabling them to become independent.
The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club has been supporting Christian Action's 3-legged Charity Walk since 2012, to raise funds for our child welfare services in Qinghai. Besides, the Club also sponsored and co-organized The Clearwater Bay Open-Air Music Festival in 2013 to raise funds for our Child Development Programme.  
We would encourage the public, organizations and corporations to fully support our charity walks in the coming years.

  Macquarie matched its staff’s donations one-to-one and provided nearly 70 disadvantaged refugee children in Hong Kong with primary and secondary education.

Other Sponsors:

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How You Can Help:

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