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Christian Action started its cooperation with the Qinghai Provincial Government back in 1996, with the preparation to build the Xining Children’s home, which was opened in May 1998. This was the first children’s home co-managed by a charity organization with the government in Qinghai. Later on, the Huangnan Children’s Home, Haixi Children’s Home, Guoluo Children’s Home and Hainan Children’s Home were founded and also co-managed by Christian Action and the Qinghai Provincial Government, providing a safe living environment for the best growth of orphaned and abandoned children in Qinghai.

In 2008, Christian Action signed the “Blue Sky Project” Cooperation Agreement, a long-term plan to co-manage 8 children’s homes in Qinghai, estimating a total of around 2000 children beneficiaries simultaneously. With the help of Christian Action, Xining Children’s Home was able to implement social work services, unprecedented in China. Xining Children’s Home was awarded “China’s Top 10 Children’s Home” in 2008. The administrative method used in Xining Children’s Home has been named “The Xining Mode”, a role model for all children’s home throughout mainland China.

In the past, service provided by children’s homes was primarily to sustain lives of children. Children’s homes managed by Christian Action provides a holistic approach to childcare, not only to help them survive but also nurture skills for them to be healthy contributors to society when they grow up.

Below are the services provided by children’s homes co-managed by Christian Action and the Qinghai Provincial Government:

Home Care Services – We value every child that we take care of. Whether disabled or not, all children deserve to live and be respected. Home care services for children provide medical and rehabilitation services on top of basic childcare. This combination is vital to their physical and mental growth, which helps nurture them into capable individuals and ensure quality life for them.

Social Work services– Our professional social workers provide psychological guidance for children of the children’s home, as well as teaching them discipline and moral values. Xining Children’s Home is the first children’s home in China to implement social work in its administration, named “Xining Mode” and promoted as an example to all children’s home around mainland China.

Medical & Surgery– We arranged medical treatment and surgery for children in local hospitals, and if necessary, to Hong Kong or other cities in the mainland with better medical facilities.

Rehabilitation –Xining Children’s Rehabilitation Centre has been in operation since 2007, providing rehabilitation training and special education service to the children in the children’s home and the community. With Kinesitherapy and the use of equipment like braces and wheelchairs, it is able to facilitate disabled children to have a better posture and body functions; to control the morbidity of disabled children such as the problems in muscular atrophy; and to facilitate normal exercise and healthy development. Special Education teachers will tailor-make a special teaching plan for individuals and small groups, to meet their needs accordingly.

Xining Children’s Home

Being the first children’s home established in Qinghai in May 1998, Xining Children’s Home has 100 beds to care for orphans. About 90% of the orphans suffer from different degree of physical or mental disability. We have cared for over 450 children since its inception. Services include foster families, skills training and small group homes.

Besides, the extension to Xining Children’s Home has been completed. This five-storey building, which officially opens in summer of 2013, will be used as a small group home, effectively removing children from institutional type living and placing them in a warm and loving family type environment. The new block is appropriately called ‘Xin Ning Court’.


Huangnan Children’s Home

Huangnan Children’s Home is our second children’s home, co-managed since May 2008 in Huangnan Prefecture. It is the first children’s home in Qinghai to admit Tibetan children. The Home is now taking care of 574 orphans from all 4 counties of Huangnan Prefecture. After the Yushu earthquake in 2010, Huangnan Children’s Home took care of 68 orphans from Yushu after the earthquake. The services in the home include pre-vocational training and a vegetable shed to train up orphans’ responsibility.

Haixi Children’s Home

In May 2011, Haixi Children’s Home was establish to serve around 100 orphaned children in Haixi Prefecture. Christian Action hopes to build upon the experience running Xining Children’s Home and Huangnan Children’s Home, providing necessary hardware and training support to the Home. Haixi Children’s Home aims to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services and special education for the children at the Home. Haixi Children’s Home also aims to raise medical services to a professional level by providing medical training to staff at the Home, at the same time acquiring more advanced medical equipment for the benefit of our children’s therapy.

Guoluo Children’s Home

In September 2012, Christian Action’s Guoluo Children’s Home was opened, providing around 80 beds for orphaned children in the region and giving them a healthy environment to live in. In future we hope to provide services such as comprehensive rehabilitation services and special education. On the other hand, Christian Action set up a vegetable shed, for one it can provide affordable vegetables for children at the Home; it can also nurture their sense of responsibility and commitment by growing their own vegetables.


Hainan Children’s Home

The construction of the Hainan Children’s Home, the fifth children’s home we co-manage with Qinghai government is finally complete! It was in operation in June 2013. There are currently 20 children in residence and the home can accommodate up to 80 children.

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