Friends of Qinghai Children Programme

Statistics show that among 1,000 orphans in Qinghai, there are 14 orphans who are born with disabilities. Poverty is the main reason for causing so many abandoned orphans. In order to save a life among those marginalized and abandoned children, we provide them with safe and warm homes. Since 1998, Christian Action has been co-managing 5 children’s homes with the Qinghai Civil Affairs Department. There are 5 Children’s Homes located in Xining City, Huangnan Prefecture, Haixi Prefecture, Guoluo Prefecture and Hainan Prefecture respectively. More than 1,000 orphans have been saved.

It is the basic right of a child to live and to be loved, irrespective of whether they are disabled or from different races. According to this belief, Christian Action takes care of children with diverse needs. 90% of the orphans in Xining Children’s Home have different levels of disability. In order to allow more orphans in Qinghai to enjoy more love and care, we will co-manage up to 8 children’s home with the Qinghai Civil Affairs Department, to benefit more than 2,000 children.

In order to achieve a long term goal, we need your stable support. So we encourage you to join our “Friends of Qinghai Children Programme”; your monthly donation will help orphans in Qinghai and bring them happiness every day.

Street Fund-Raising Programme

Apart from making online registration through Internet to become a member of “Friends of Qinghai Children Programme”, you can find us along the streets at anytime today. Since 2010, you can find our street fundraisers everywhere on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon or New Territories. They set up our Christian Action booths outside shopping malls, MTR stations or even on the streets. They wear their work ID cards with their ID No. and photo. In addition, they wear uniforms with the Christian Action logo printed on it. They work in teams and never accept cash donations.

If you meet these groups of young and sincere teenagers, please go ahead and get more information about "Friends of Qinghai Children Programme".

Christian Action is a member of F2F Monthly Giving Alliance.

Please join our “Friends of Qinghai Children Programme” without any hesitation, by downloading the form below and mail it back to us at the following address:

Christian Action,
55 Clear Water Bay Road, Choi Wan (2) Estate, Kowloon
(Attn: Corporate Development and Communications Division)

With just HK$5 per day, you can make a difference!


How You Can Help:

Click to donate. Or visit Get Involved for creative ways to plug-in and help!

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