Ethnic Minorities

Whether they have just arrived, or have been living in Hong Kong for several generations, many Nepalese, Pakistanis and Indians face intense social and economic obstacles resulting in segregation, unemployment and poverty. Language and cultural barriers are a large part of the problem but racial discrimination is often the final straw that extinguishes all hope of a better tomorrow. For them even access to basic services can be a major challenge.

A Passion for Change

At Christian Action we're passionate about empowering this vibrant and culturally rich part of our community. We want to see them enjoying access to the full spectrum of services that all Hong Kong residents enjoy, and we want to give them dignity that comes from contributing to the society in which they live. Most of all we want is to restore hope in the heart and mind of every member of Hong Kong's ethnic minority community. Hope for gainful employment, hope that they master English and Cantonese, and hope that their children will not be relegated to the dregs of society because of their skin color or ethnicity.

How we Help

Thanks to volunteers like you, Christian Action personally serves over 3,000 members of HK's ethnic minority communities each year!

Our committed team of staff and volunteers have a holistic approach that helps to:

  1. Break through the language barrier with ongoing Cantonese and English language classes, and the provision of interpreters and escorts to the hospital and social welfare department.
  2. Solve housing and welfare issues with consultations.
  3. Educate through workshop, vocational training, career counselling, mentoring for the unemployed and IT skills for all adults and children.
  4. Promote psychosocial health
  5. Organize numerous large public events that bring together an average of 1,000 local residents and ethnic minorities each year!
  6. Dialogue with the Hong Kong Government on policy and service provision improvements.
  7. We have realized the unique needs of women and the elderly in the Ethnic Minority community, so we provide interest classes, women and elderly support groups. Our target members are now more accustomed to social gatherings and they are gradually being trained to be our Ambassadors and serve the community with their cultural strengths.
  8. We play the role of bridging the divide between the Ethnic Minority community and Hong Kong society, by organizing cultural sensitivity trainings; this helps the people to understand more about the Ethnic Minority culture and their lives in Hong Kong, thus minimizing the gap due to stereotyping and unfamiliarity.

Will YOU join the movement to help Hong Kong's ethnic minorities? Volunteer today!

A More Just Society

"We believe that Hong Kong is at its best when honoring and celebrating the rich diversity of cultures in our community. We are working and praying for the day when ethnic minorities as legal, permanent residents of Hong Kong, will have equal access to their basic rights and receive the opportunity for their talents and contributions to be discovered and received without prejudice. Please join us in helping Hong Kong become a more just society."

Mrs. Cheung-Ang Siew Mei

Executive Director, Christian Action

How You Can Help:

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