Serving New Arrivals

Every day, many of the people who relocate to Hong Kong from China face numerous challenges; understanding the language, discrimination and a lack of marketable skills, all of which they face without the benefit of family and friends to provide a support network.

Christian Action began helping this growing, marginalized community in 1996. We believe that everyone can play an important role in society, as long as we accept one another and assist wherever we can.

Christian Action helps equip new arrivals for their life, by building support networks between various communities and promoting a social culture for them.

A. Yau Tsim Mong Integrated Services for New Arrivals

This service focuses on the new arrivals and their family members, who work, live and go to school in Hong Kong. Services include outreach services, family case consultation, social activities, after school mutual help childcare programme, newly arrived women / exit & entry permit single mum mutual help group, emergency food fund, corporate volunteer english tutorial, induction programme for newly arrived children, job support network, school services – after school learning & support programme (such as interest groups, study tours and adventure activities).

B. North District - "Joining Together"
(Jul 2014 to Jun 2016) 

This project focuses on new arrivals from China to Hong Kong, who have resided in Hong Kong less than 7 years. The service helps in solving difficulties arising from initial adjustment to Hong Kong life and facilitating their integration into the local community. Service content includes adjustment courses, individual and family counselling, vocational training, job referrals, social groups, volunteers’ training, family relationship enhancement activities, marriage enrichment program and post-migration follow-up.


C. North District – "Growing Together" Pre-school Students’ Empowerment Project
(Jul 2014 to Jun 2016)

This project serves the cross border students from the mainland, who are born in Hong Kong. The service focuses on enhancing their problem solving capacity by teaching them positive psychology through story-sharing class and individual counselling service in co-operation with kindergartens in the North District. We also organize teachers’ training, parents’ expectation management program and parenting skill programs in order to create an accepting and caring environment for the students in order to facilitate a happy and flourishing school life.



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