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 Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP)

1. Objectives:

With the concerted efforts of the Labour Department, employers and service providers, the Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP) provides a comprehensive platform of job search with one-stop and diversified pre-employment and on-the-job training for young school leavers aged 15 to 24 with educational attainment at sub-degree or below level. This programme enables young people to better understand themselves and their work aptitudes while enriching their job skills and experience so as to enhance employability.

2. Contents

2.1  Case Management Services:

Trainees are provided with personalised career guidance, job search assistance, training and post-employment support by professional social workers in the form of 12 months' case management services.

2.2  Pre-employment training

  • Core Course: Job-search and Interpersonal Skills Training
  • Elective Courses: Discipline and Motivation Training/ Computer Application Training/Job-specific Skills Training
  • One-month workplace attachment training

3. On-the-job Training

  • Trainees are engaged as employees under on-the-job training of 6 to 12 months with salary.
  • Trainees may enroll in relevant vocational courses and apply for reimbursement of course and examination fee

Objectives-Employers will provide internship opportunities to students to enrich their knowledge of the profession and improve their interpersonal skills -Students will have a better sense of their career paths through the training-Employers will employ students and provide them with on-the-job training to increase their technical skills and experience -Raise their competitiveness in the job market and assist them in choosing a career direction

  Workplace attachment training On-the-job training
Training Period 1 month 3-12 months (depending on job nature)
Are students employed during this period? No Yes
Do students get allowance during this period? No
-YETP will reimburse HKD 3,000 as internship allowance
to students who successfully finish the program
-Students are employed and can receive wages of up to HKD 6,000 per month
(Note: Once approved by the YEPT office, students can apply for training reimbursement of up to HKD 3,000)
Student training arrangement
  • Employers can appoint current staff members with relevant experience as instructors/ trainers to guide and organize tasks for students 
  • Training agencies appointed by the YETP will arrange social workers to support each individual student. Social workers will coordinate with employers to aid students in adapting to the working environment and improving their performance 
  • Employers will offer students who are receiving on-the-job training, to enroll and register in work-related technical training courses and examinations 
  • Students can apply to the YETP for reimbursement of course and examination fees of up to HKD 4,000
Internship completion arrangement
  • Employers will issue a certificate through the YETP for students upon completion of the program to confirm internship/on-the-job training technical skills 
  • Employers can employ/continue to employ students who have excelled in their duties during their internship/on-the-job training period

*YETP office will reserve the final decision on approving applications regarding training reimbursement.  

4.  Course contents:

Core Course – Job-search and Interpersonal Skills Training

Upon completion of initial assessment, trainees aged 15 to 19 who join YETP for the first time are required to complete a 48-hour Core Course on "Job-search and Interpersonal Skills". The purpose is to equip trainees with basic knowledge and application skills on career planning, interpersonal skills, job search methods, etc.
Trainees aged 20 to 24 or those who had participated in the Programme before may also enrol on this course on case managers' recommendation after initial assessment.

Elective Courses

Trainees may attend a maximum of 5 elective courses:

Class(2) Discipline and Motivation Training Underpinned by outdoor activities and physical training,
the course aims to build up trainees' self-esteem, self-confidence,
self-discipline, leadership and team building skills, as well as to cultivate their positive thinking.

Training period: 80 hours or above
Class(3) Computer Application Training The course mainly focuses on common office computer software,
Chinese input methods, software for internet or graphic presentation
and basic computer programming, etc.

Training period: 80 hours or above
Class (4) to (27) Job-specific Skills Training A wide range of job-specific skills training courses catering for the
prevailing needs of the employment market are offered, with a view to
enhancing the job skills of the trainees.

Training period: 120 hours or above
(include 6 to 24 hours of language training in work setting)

Case Management Services

Under the Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP), trainees are provided with personalised career guidance, job search assistance, training and post-employment support by professional social workers in the form of 12 months' case management services.

Upon expiry of the first 12 months' case management services, trainees who have secured employment may receive extended case management services for another 12 months, so as to better assist them to settle in their jobs, overcome problems at workplaces and pursue further learning and skills upgrading opportunities

5. Latest News

"YETP Stars 2016"

Lau Pui Man, Jessica, our alumni, was honoured to be one of the YETP stars.

Jessica was a college graduate before joining the programme. She didn’t know much about the working environment, and had no single concept about the hotel industry and its operations. She joined the YETP through a career expo and was successfully employed as hotel trainee. This marked a new page of her life.

During her on-job training and with the support from her colleagues, Jessica developed an interest in the hotel industry. Through her work she became more mature and became devoted to reach her potentials and train her performance at work. Jessica worked at two different restaurants and showed her ability to adapt to new environment. She also demonstrated her leadership skills and knowledge while leading a new part-time staff. Jessica’s outstanding performance is well recognised by her supervisor and colleagues, and has made her excel and stand out from 500 employees at the entire company. She was later interviewed and represented the company for a cover story about the hotel industry in a recruitment magazine.

Follow link for a video to learn more about Jessica’s story, Who knows? You might find yourself on the same path!
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The ten YETP rising stars this year all have different ways to pursue their dreams. Through their persistence and bravery, they have developed a blueprint to map out their goals. This year, YETP has also collaborated with Solar Project to hold a music concert to celebrate their successes and to encourage others to pursue their dreams. Are you ready to achieve your own dreams?
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Recruitment Day/ Youth activities/ on-the-job training opportunities:

vent Highlights

1. Career Visit 2017 - Act Plus Education Foundation

IMG 4296

6. Q&A

1) What is the admission requirement? 

Young school leavers aged 15 to 24 with educational attainment at sub-degree or below level are welcome to join the programme.

2) How much does it cost to enroll YETP?

Admission is free.

3) Is there any lowest education attainment requirement, or admission test of any kind?

All young school leavers aged 15 to 24, holder of valid HKID card who are ready to enter into employment, are welcome to join the programme. We have no other admission restrictions.

4) How can I enroll on YETP?

You can apply in person at Christian Action centres in Choi Hung, Lam Ting, Mong Kok, Tsuen Wan, as well as YETP Offices, Job Centres of the Labour Department, Labour Department Employment in One-stop, Youth Employment Start, the Public Enquiry Service Centres of the Home Affairs Department, and the District Offices of the Social Welfare Department.


7. Enquiries:

Telephone: 2716 8702 / 2716 8703

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-13:00 & 14:00-18:00 

Saturday 9:00-13:00 ,excluding public holidays


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