Why Christian Action?

"Give a man a fish; you feed him today. Teach a man to fish and he feeds himself for a lifetime."

Roughly 4,500 survivors from wars in Sri Lanka, Nepal and as far away as Uganda and the Congo have made it to Hong Kong. They arrive physically and emotionally scarred.  Christian Action is the only comprehensive provider of services to refugees, so they turn to us for help.

When legal immigrants arrive in Hong Kong from mainland China needing help, we are one of the few organizations which are open late at night, and have an office in Shenzhen.  When their children, and the children of Hong Kong's ethnic minority groups need language classes, we provide those too.

On the Tibetan Plateau, disabled children who are abandoned or abused are cared for by a team of Christian Action specialists in Qinghai's first and only Children's Rehabilitation Center.

Christian Action provides pro-bono legal and psychosocial help; offers abused domestic helpers refuge in safe shelters and provides a wide range of other services.

Christian Action is not only improving the quality of life for thousands of people who are disadvantaged, displaced, abandoned or marginalized in Hong Kong and on the Tibetan Plateau, we are also saving lives! We do this through enabling emergency surgeries

Additionally, Christian Action is one of Hong Kong’s largest and most dynamic professional training organizations. It is only when you provide an education and empower an individual that you have provided them with the tools to sustain themselves and the dignity of being able to contribute to society.

Who is Christian Action?

Christian Action was established in 1985 as a registered charitable organization in Hong Kong. Our mission is to serve those who are poor, disadvantaged, marginalized, displaced or abandoned regardless of their age, gender, nationality and religion. 

Our aim is to give them hope, dignity and self reliance.  Our services are based on the example of Jesus Christ who came to serve all people, regardless of their age, gender, nationality and religion, which includes:

Humanitarian programs in Hong Kong for refugees, foreign domestic helpers, ethnic minorities, children and youth from low-income families in Hong Kong and cross-border families and immigrants from Mainland China.

Training programs for the underprivileged and unemployed and professional training services for corporate clients needing specialized training for their workforce.

Humanitarian programs in Qinghai Province on the Tibetan Plateau. This includes co-managing five children's homes; the province's first and only Children's Rehabilitation Centre for disabled children; the construction of winter homes, rural clinics and schools for impoverished Tibetans, and the provision of school scholarships for the rural poor.

How You Can Help:

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