Give thanks!  Last week, some children from deprived families under the care of our Mong Kok Service Centre had their first flight experience, sponsored by a donor. The children were really excited to be in the air around HK. Pray that we strive to collaborate with different organizations to give warmth and hope to the deprived in the community.
Our Training Services Division will conduct a festive activity named 友你友我活動 - 聖誕果醬點點樂 (You and Me-Joyful Home-made Jam for Christmas). Pray that we add fun and sparkle to the life of our trainees in their journey of self-improvement. 
Today is International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Please pray for the leadership and participation of persons with disabilities, leading toward an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post-COVID-19 world. May God move more people to embrace our ministry on the Tibetan Plateau helping the disabled and disadvantaged children and youth there. 
Our Centre for Refugees has been looking for sponsorship to hold a Christmas celebration for its clients. Pray for our steadfast faith in His provision and protection against all odds. Amen!
To echo the “16-days of annual activism against international gender-based violence” campaign, our Migrant Domestic Workers Programme team will organize a webinar today for its Indonesian shelter clients, who suffer from trauma due to sexual abuse; that they will get help from a professor of the University of Indonesia. May the victims be counselled and gain comfort through our ministry.  
This December sees the launch of our Season of Love Charity Drive 2021-22. May God uplift our marketing and promotional team, in the midst of the pandemic crisis, so we harvest a fruitful yield to sustain part of our ministries in both Hong Kong and Qinghai! Please pray with us!
Give thanks!
Some mentor-and-mentee pairs under our mentorship programme of the Children Development Fund (CDF) enjoyed the board games and DIY activities run by the Long Ping Service Centre last month. Pray that we strive to foster their relationships through various events beyond the programme period.
Our Sheung Shui Service Centre organized a job fair offering various employment opportunities in different catering corporations, at Landmark North, for our neighbours this week. Pray that we continue to provide more updated job information for the unemployed in one of the most impoverished districts of HK.
Our ethnic minorities’ team visited and talked to students of a secondary school in Mong Kok this week with a view to promoting racial and cultural diversity in Hong Kong. Pray that we strive to foster community integration through our ministries.
One of our ethnic minority (EM) colleagues shared his story as an EM in the city with the Swiss Association of HK this week.  Pray that we strive to raise more public concern towards this marginalized sector in the community; and the ethnic minorities feel cherished and cared for through our services.
This morning will see some children and their families from our Sheung Shui Service Centre visiting PlayScope in the New Territories. Pray that they cherish the precious fun time that they could otherwise ill afford with their meagre family budget.
12 youth mentees and their families sang a Christmas carol for a video shoot last month, made especially for fundraising. The proceeds will support the matching fund for our mentorship programme under the Child Development Fund. Pray that our plan will come to fruition to glorify His name.  
Praise God!
Despite the challenging moments over the past year, our On Tai Service Centre is blessed to accomplish its first-year target for a programme under the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund. Pray for His presence and guidance, always!
Some beneficiary children from our Mong Kok Centre will be sponsored by a private corporation to have some fun at the Christmas party to be held this afternoon. Pray that all participants understand the lessons from Jesus, reflect on them and feel loved and treasured.
Answered prayer
Say thanks to all prayer warriors!
Our new CAERB computer system was successfully launched earlier this month to update our retrainee’s records.  Pray that we continue to give the best services for our trainees and retrainees in seeking permanent employment.
In these 2 days, our Training Services Division is implementing different trade tours to a florist, beauty centre and property management for the young generation. Pray that all our activities will better equip them to realize their dreams through a self-enrichment process.
This evening and by the end of this month, our Long Ping Service Centre will hold 2 different workshops under the theme of Holistic Growth as a programme recap for our mentors as our 7th-phase CDF Mentorship Programme will end soon. Pray that our mentees will learn that God has a plan to prosper them through this impactful programme.
Tragically, several teen suicides were reported in the city over the past few months; in which two cases happened in On Tai Estate. Pray that our services will play a proactive role in instilling positivity in our neighbourhood.
Today is the Hong Kong Legislative Council Election day.
May the city be blessed with His joy, peace and love. Pray for His mercy, provision and protection against all future challenges of this city. May the best people be chosen.
As our economy improves, the unemployment rate has declined. In addition to the empowerment activities offered by the Employment Support Services teams, please pray that its clients on welfare benefits would be enriched to regain their courage and job skills to secure a permanent job soon. 
Happy Winter Solstice!
Please pray that the disenfranchised and disadvantaged such as migrant domestic helpers working far away from home, or refugees stranded in Hong Kong would feel cared for and not alone, especially at a time that reminds people of family reunions. Pray that they feel embraced by Godly love when they stay far from their hometown by choice or by chance.
Please pray for full divine protection and healing, in particular, for 2 of our Christian Action UK’s board members who suffer from serious health problems. Pray that they personally feel His comfort and presence at this difficult time.
This month, our Social Enterprise Division has launched several Green Collection Charity Drives in different private estates in Kowloon.  Pray that we continue to collaborate with different stakeholders in the city to advocate environmental conservation.
Winter has come!
Our Centre for Refugees is launching its winter clothes drive! Pray that we continue to deliver warmth and love to the most marginalized sector of the community especially this Christmas eve and beyond.
Blessed Christmas!
Pray for more people, regardless of race, age, gender or religion, to embrace our goal to help the needy, helpless and marginalized in Hong Kong and Qinghai. In addition, that Christians will follow Our Savior Jesus Christ’s example to love and care for the disadvantaged. Amen! 
Please pray in unison that Christian Action Asia (USA) would receive some generous year-end gifts to sustain our Qinghai Children’s Programme.  Amen!
When our fundraising income has been potentially affected by the epidemic outbreak, we desperately need to diversify our sources of donations. At present, we have placed some donation boxes in different chain stores.  Pray for His divine protection and provision to connect more enthusiastic networks of people to support our ministries in Hong Kong and Qinghai. 
Christian Action is planning to host at our Headquarters a celebration ceremony in mid-January. Pray for our consistent and unwavering faith in His divine provision and protection, seamless communication between different parties/stakeholders and finally a smooth event implementation.  May His name be glorified!  
Our CDF team at On Tai Service Centre has launched 2 separate overnight camps for mentees under the 7th CDF Mentorship Programme this month. Pray that all beneficiaries will enhance their self-exploration and communication skills; and are moved to walk on a path pleasing to God through this programme. 
Please continue to pray for a favourable reply from the local government in Qinghai for our previously submitted proposal enlisting the extended scope of services, including medical care for handicapped children and vocational training for young adults.  Pray that our ministry will strive to bring warmth and hope to the deprived and disabled on the Tibetan Plateau.
Year 2021 is coming to an end!
We are deeply grateful for God’s mercy, strength and protection against all odds and obstacles over the challenging year. Pray for another blissful year in 2022! May His blessings be poured out abundantly on our clients, families of all staff members, board members and friends of CA. Amen!