Case Story (Qinghai)


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Yulong originally lived in Henan Province. He was the only child in his family. His parents made a living farming. Unfortunately, he was born with athetoid cerebral palsy, which resulted in general dysfunction, difficulty in controlling his limbs and facial muscles, and impaired vision. Due to the increasing daily pressure and limited resources, the family sent Yulong to Xining Children's Welfare Institute on his 5th birthday.

He was given comprehensive care and assistance to improve his mobility and vision. At the same time, he was provided with different types of rehabilitation training and special education courses on a regular basis, and Yulong never gave up.

Now, he can stand and walk slowly with an assistive device. Also, he can even push a wheelchair to move about indoors. Even more gratifying is that he has now been able to take care of most of the activities of his daily life. In addition to the improvements in his physical condition, he has also become cheerful and enthusiastic - "I hope one day I can walk freely on the streets of Xining, listen to my favourite songs, and see the beautiful scenery."

CA has been following up on his situation, arranging regular check-ups and treatment for him, and continuing to help him overcome the various difficulties in his life!