Corporate and Organisational Support

Your support is crucial to allowing us to fulfill our commitment of helping, changing the living conditions, and transforming the lives of the vulnerable communities in Hong Kong and Qinghai, China. Whether monthly or one-off, your donation will help provide valuable resources to us as we work to help those in need. Through donations or participation in our charitable events, corporates can build a positive image of caring for society and enhance employees’ team spirit and their sense of belonging in the workplace.


Co-organise activities

Co-organise charitable activities, such as a walkathon, bazaar, music concert, sports day or charitable competition.


Love Offering

Donate in the name of a company or organisation / Mobilise employees to make a donation

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In-kind donations

Donate gifts from festivities or celebratory events. Corporates and organisations can host recycling collection events and donate recyclable items to us.


Venue Lending

Malls or housing estates can lend their venue to us for promotional and fundraising events.


Donation Box Placement

Place donation boxes in shops or offices
Large donation box:
25.5 cm (H) X 15.5 cm (D) X 15 cm (W)
Small donation box:
15 cm  (H) X 9 cm (D) X 17 cm (W)

Become a Volunteer

Allow employees to take part in charitable work.
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Promotional Support

Corporates and organisations can build a caring image by promoting our work on their websites and in their publications.

We look forward to collaborating with your company or organisation. We are also interested in exploring other ways of collaboration should you have a suggestion. For further information and enquiries, please call us at 2716 8862 or email