Other Support Services

Christian Action responds to the different service gaps in society; we consistently expand our range of services and programmes to provide people in need with appropriate support.

Employment Support Services (EmSS)

Since 2001, we began helping people who receive Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) and youth through the government’s Employment Support Services (formerly Integrated Employment Assistance Programme for Self-reliance). We provide a one-stop comprehensive employment assistance service, helping those people to rebuild their self-confidence so that they can re-enter the workforce and become self-reliant.
  • Targets able-bodied CSSA applicants / recipients aged 15 to 64
  • Covers Kwun Tong and North District
  • Provides employment consultation services
  • Offers job search and occupational trainings
  • Arranges internships and hands-on work experience
  • Volunteer work activities

Flying over Self-Reliance and Mutual Help – House Captain for On Tai Project

This project adopts the “Community-Welfare-School” cross-sectoral collaboration model, to implement the ‘House Captain’ system at On Tai Estate in Kwun Tong district. 
  • To train a certain number of residents to be house captains of each building
  • To set up a neighbourhood support network led by house captains
  • To encourage residents to participate in different community activities to enhance unity and a sense of community
  • To encourage residents to join our volunteering programme to be our Heartfelt Ambassadors
Programme Details
  • Target District: Kwun Tong District
  • Target Group: Residents at On Tai Estate
  • Project Period: 1 September 2020 – 31 August 2023
  • House Captain system: To set up a House Captain system at On Tai Estate, and to train a certain number of volunteers (residents) as House Captains to identify available resources and provide assistance to families in need through regular home visits
  • Heartfelt Ambassador service: To lead residents to participate in sports, arts, and cooking-themed and caring community activities to enhance coherence in the community and cultivate a sense of belonging
  • A Cross-sectoral collaboration network platform: To connect collaborative partners affiliated with the community from the welfare and education sectors by inviting them to join as members of a cross-sectoral collaboration network platform for supervise project developments, feedback evaluation, referral scheme, and community resources to support residents in need