Young Students

Children and Teenagers are not only future leaders of society but are also the key driving force in propelling social development. However, according to a report from the Commission on Poverty in 2018, around 235,000 children in Hong Kong were living in poverty with the poverty rate reaching a staggering 23.3%. Poverty hinders children from growing up in a healthy environment and accessing resources and prevents them from having good opportunities for more learning and development. This may unfortunately affect their future.

We believe that a church is not only a community of believers, but a place of resources and empowerment. Therefore, we work to establish partnerships with churches and Christian service groups in every district to respond to the needs of vulnerable children and teenagers, empowering them to fulfil their potential.

Our services

  • Child Development Fund - Yuen Long, Kwun Tong, Tseung Kwan O and Sai Kung
  • Targets children and adolescents aged 16 or under.
  • Includes three key components: Targeted Savings, Personal Development Plan, and Mentorship.
  • Works with over 170 Christian organisations and churches

With the support of the Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor, we started the Church Intensive Community Mentoring Programme in 2007 to recruit mentors for vulnerable children and youth. Since then, we have established our Ministry Coordination Team and started running Child Development Fund Programme funded by the Labour and Welfare Bureau in 2008. To date, we have run 13 district-based projects and two phases of school-based projects. We have worked with approximately 170 Christian organisations and churches and provided appropriate activities and support services to vulnerable children.

In addition to helping children develop good saving habits, the Children Development Fund Programme allow church brothers and sisters to mentor the participants during their project. The programme also encourages children to set up their own personal development plan and to nurture a positive attitude towards life that will reduce intergenerational poverty.

Give hope to children with various disadvantages and help them to lead a better life.

Participate in Child Development Fund Programme

Target: Children & Youth

  1. Children and youth between 10 and 16 years old, living or studying in Yuen Long (including Tin Shui Wai) or Kwun Tong. Youth between 14 and 16 are given priority.
  2. Their families receive Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA); or
  3. Dependent on Student Finance Schemes administered by the Student Financial Assistance Agency; or
  4. The family income is less than 75% of the Median Monthly Domestic Household Income (MMDHI).
  5. As available funds are limited, all applicants and their parents undergo an interview and selection process. 

Qualifications for applying to become a mentor:

  1. Adults aged 18 or above
  2. Willing to spend three years with children or youth
  3. Recommended by an organisation, church or company
  4. Meet with the assigned mentee at least twice each month
  5. Able to join the pre-training and ongoing training workshops. Also, they must be able to connect with the relevant support supervisors and person in charge on a regular basis

The Blessing Story


“I had an argument with my accompaniment partner, and in the heat of the moment, I went to the street and performed with my ukulele. I earned the most money that day on my busking journey in Australia.”

Siu Tin