Training and Employment Support

Christian Action started providing training services in 1993. Since then, it has strived to increase and provide professional and diversified courses to meet the needs and bridge the gap between the unemployed, job seekers, employees and employers. Today, we are one of the largest training and retraining organisations in Hong Kong, serving over 280,000 people, and about 70% of them have found a job.

Training = Change 3 Ts
Translation: Learn new knowledge + new skills + experience new affects
Transformation: Use new knowledge + new skills + new affects
Transcendence: Synthesize new knowledge, new skills and new affects
-> Assist people from all walks of life in Hong Kong to better equip themselves and enhance their competitiveness in the workplace

Training Services
  • 8 Retraining Centres
  • Over 200 Full-time and Part-time Instructors
  • Provide over 100 Training Courses
  • Vocational Training Courses - Employees Retraining Board’s Manpower Development Scheme
  • Corporate Training - Different kinds of workplace training services exclusively for employers and open courses.
  • Continuous Self-Enhancement Courses - all kinds of self-enhancement courses

Employment Support

  • A Extensive Employer Network; work with over 35,000 employers
  • Host different scale of Recruitment fairs
  • Assist over 100 Corporates from different industry to recruit talents
  • Offer Free Employer Referral Services
  • Support Local Domestic Helpers Referral Services
  • Provide Employment Referral and Career Guideline & Counselling Services