Bring Hope to Underprivileged Groups

Hong Kong has been moving towards normality and economic recovery is just around the corner. However, the income of many underprivileged families has dropped sharply in the past three years and some have even had to spend all their savings to feed and clothe their family. It is by no means possible to return to the pre-epidemic level in a short time.

Christian Action is committed to providing comprehensive, appropriate and diversified services to grassroots communities; we sincerely invite you to join us and support our Charitable Tax Exemption Programme to help people in need.

In addition, Christian Action is a recognized charitable organization. As long as you donate HK$100 or more, you can apply for a tax deduction.*

  • A donation of HK$480 can provide one month of food support to three underprivileged families
  • A donation of HK$700 can provide one month of After-school Child Care service for an underprivileged child


*According to the Inland Revenue Ordinance, depending on the case individual donors can claim deductions for approved charitable donations, up to 35% of assessable income. Such an aggregate must not be less than HK$100. (IR. No. – Tax Exemption: 91/2429)
"The Mong Kok Centre offered me a job as a tutor in the After-School child-care programme, I think this is a wonderful chance to repay the kindness that I received, so now it is my turn to bless others. Thank you Christian Action for your continuous support! ."

- Service User From Mongkok Service Center - Ming (not a real name)

For enquiries, please contact Hotline at 2716 8862 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.