“Good Neighbourhood” Education Programme

Christian Action has organised a “Good Neighbourhood” Education Programme through which we hope to encourage Hong Kong students to learn more about the different disadvantaged groups among us. Some of these people are neglected and uncared for, and likely do not live far from these students, it is our hope that through this programme students will be able to pay attention to the needs around them and learn how to appropriately approach these people in need. We seek to work with schools in nurturing students to become good citizens with a caring heart and are willing to help others.

“Good Neighbourhood” Talk: By Q&A games, interactive sessions, videos and case sharing, students will come to understand profoundly the issues

Campus Experience: Through joining various activities, students will be able to experience different social issues

Caring Action: Call to act, encouraging students to care for our society in tangible ways

Underprivileged in HK
Topic of the talk: “If there are only 10 people in Hong Kong…”
  • Learn about the population in Hong Kong
  • Understand the difficulty faced by the underprivileged
Campus Experience: Banquet for the poor and the rich
  • Learn about the difficulties faced by low-income families at lunch time
Caring Action: “Blessing Meal Delivery”

Learning Element: Society and Citizenship
Orphans in Qinghai
Topic for the talk: The Secrets of Human Body
  • Recognise the importance of sound health
  • Understand the hardship faced by children with disabilities
Campus Experience: Special Competition
  • Using competition to increase students’ awareness of the physical restrictions faced by children with disabilities
Caring Action: “Red Packet for Every Home” Fund raising event

Learning Element: Chinese Culture
Environmental Issue

Topic of the talk: Green Exploration

  • Recognise the destruction caused by waste
  • Learn how to live an environamentally friendly life
Campus Experience: Community Detective Action
  • Explore environmentally friendly elements on campus and learn how to pursue a green life
Caring Action: Green Collection Programme

Learning Element: Society and Citizenship, People and Environment
  • The duration of the talk is 30-40 minutes, excluding entering and leaving time; minimum of 100 participants
  • The duration of the campus experience is 60-90 minutes, with a maximum of 100 participants
  • The number of participants and fee charge depends on the type of activity offered by the Caring Action Programme

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