Social Enterprise

The Christian Action Social Enterprise Initiative aims to proactively create employment opportunities, further develop our various services to serve those in need through sustainable business models, and promote being environmentally friendly.

Since 2003, we are committed to providing employment opportunities, on-the-job training and retraining for the needy and the disadvantaged through various forms of "green community activities" and "the Green Collection Programme", to help job seekers to find sustainable employment.

Some of the collected items and in-kind donations will be distributed to our service users or vulnerable families; some will be offered for sale at a significantly below market retail price.

At the same time, we actively co-organize green community activities to promote the messages of environmental protection with local leaders and organizations. We have successively set-up a number of Community Sales Outlets to promote the consumption concept of environmental protection and poverty alleviation. In recent years, we have also launched Green Connect, an initiative which advocates on upcycling, and Olive Leaf, a floral business. Through diversified business models, we are able to create an atmosphere of mutual help in the communities.


Green Collection

  • Promote being environmentally friendly and encourage recycling
  • Provide employment opportunities
  • Appointed as the Scheme Manager by the Home Affairs Department “Community Used Clothes Recycling Bank Scheme” of the Kowloon region
  • What we collect: brand new or used clothing, accessories, toys, shoes, handbags, books, small appliances and housewares
    (Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Christian Action will suspend the books collection service temporarily. Sorry for the inconvenience)
  • Collected items are: offered for sale at our Community Sales Outlets; distributed to our service users or vulnerable communities; exported to developing countries through our green recycling business partners
  • We have collected more than 6,800 tonnes of clothing since the programme launch

Community Sales Outlet

  • The Enhancing "Self-Reliance Through District Partnership Programme" of the Home Affairs Department
  • Follow the idea of sustainable consumption so resources can be recycled and reused
  • The all-new or used items we sell are either donated by members of the public or by manufactures
  • A wide variety of items are sold at the outlets, and the selling price is significantly below market retail price. Shopping at the community outlets is fun while the proceeds will benefit the community
  • Provide employment opportunities
  • The four Community Sales Outlets are located in Yuen Long, Sheung Shui, Nam Cheong and Kwun Tong

Green Connect

  • "Self-improvement Through Partnership" Community Collaboration Project of the Home Affairs Department
  • Launched in March 2019
  • Create employment opportunities, provide full-time or part-time jobs to the underprivileged
  • Advocate for the idea of green recycling and promote the awareness of waste reduction in the community
  • We provide upcycling and environmental workshops to give a new life to old and discarded products
  • We organise upcycling workshops with housing estates, schools and organisations
  • The upcycled products will be sold at the community sales outlet

Environmental Protection Education

  • Co-organise collection events with businesses, schools and churches on a regular basis to promote environmental protection education
  • Encourage the public to care for the environment and to donate goods for charitable sales
  • Help the low-income families to reduce living expenses through reuse of resources
  • Co-organise green community events to promote environmental protection with local leaders and organisations
the olive leaf*
  • "Self-improvement through Partnership" Community Collaboration Project of the Home Affairs Department
  • Opened in December 2017
  • Flowers can bring joy and provide relief to everyday life for urbanites
  • Provide relevant job opportunities for grassroots families
  • Provide different kinds of floral products, such as fresh flowers, dried flowers, bonsai, flower baskets, flower plaques and flower boxes
  • We select high quality floral and botanical materials to create unique floral products and to decorate venues
  • Provide floral workshops for corporations or other clients
  • Provide floral training for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the floral industry